IO1 - Joint curricula and training programme for soft skills development of young adults with ASD

The purpose of the Joint curricula and training programme is to assist educators' practical application of the newly developed tutorials and put theory into practice. IO1 will take educators through a step-by-step process of planning, organising and delivering an effective training course.

It will offer concrete suggestions and guidelines to them for enhancing their knowledge and competencies while simultaneously engaging them in a substantive discussion on various concepts, theories, and issues related to training young adults with autism in soft skills required to prepare them to enter and succeed in their workplace. It is there to assist educators to apply the activities in the correct manner and to avoid confusion. It will bring together all the interrelated aspects of the learning process, recognising the importance of general situations that an educator has to handle in the delivery of their training course and identifying new situations and issues that call for action by them. More precisely, IO1 aims to provide in-depth innovative methodological approaches to teach soft skills to young adults with ASD.

IO2 - Soft Skills development online tutorials for individuals with autism

Within IO2, the consortium will elaborate blended online teaching processes in the form of Tutorials. It will have the form of online Modules (which can be downloaded in pdf format),

online lectures, and webinars in the e-Learning platform directed to young adults with autism as a virtual learning environment for them on soft skill development, but any interested stakeholder will be able to access the courses as well. The tutorials will be appropriately prepared to give learners the option of learning about soft skills without the constraints of the traditional classroom training course, which can often be overwhelming for an individual with autism.

IO3 - NEWork e-learning platform

The e-Learning platform will be the project’s learning tool supporting all the other IO's and will constitute the base of learning for the educators and the adults with ASD in the frames of NEwork project.

The NEWork e-Learning platform is an innovative way to engage distant learners into the training procedure. Many people want to attend training courses, but for different reasons they cannot physically attend in conventional training programmes. E-Learning courses are a popular way to give access to knowledge for those people. Content appropriate for the platform will be elaborated mainly contributed by all intellectual outputs adapted according to appropriate pedagogical aspects. End-users will utilise web-based computing more than ever leading to an indisputable need for tools that provide access to knowledge and learning from almost anywhere.

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